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Big Box vs Mom and Pop

So one of the things that irks me about gigantic retailers is that they have little or no personality, they have no face, they don’t feel local or even American sometimes (because many are not), and they punch their own ticket. They have enormous purchasing power and lobbying power.

Small businesses just don’t have any of those things.

But I have an idea that could fix this. If a large number of small box retailers, grocers, clothiers, whatever, formed a co-operative logistics firm (not a third party, but one they owned shares in themselves), and let that firm do their buying, distributing and regional warehousing, they could have the same buying power as the megalithic retailers.

Third party logistics firms exist now, but they only do storage and shipping, as far as I know. I’m talking about these small businesses co-operating to form a trust or non-profit or whatever they need to do legally, to create an entity that buys merchandise in quantity, ships and stores it; maybe even sets up advertising and marketing.

If your locally owned retailers could sell the same stuff as big box, at a price that’s similar, would you love the idea of keeping your money mostly local?


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