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The Book of Dissent


I like the idea of this book. Haven’t read it.

My thing about the Occupy movement is that I don’t believe in the 99% versus the 1%. There’s a small group of very wealthy people who control an inordinate portion of the world’s resources, but they are a heck of a lot smaller than 1%. They are maybe 1% of 1%.

I don’t believe that 99% of the world (or this country) wants or needs to protest anything. The disadvantaged and disenfranchised people of the US are more like 25 – 30%.  Maybe another 30% are underemployed, stuck; but otherwise reasonably well-off and mostly healthy. So a good 40% of the US is happy, healthy, and well-enough to-do.

Americans are still very well-fed, on the whole.

Maybe it’s harder to market terms like The 30% or The .001% as the primary players in your drama.

But that’s the real conflict in my opinion.

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