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So I mentioned the other day that Amazon paid a guy to give some advice to independent authors about how to get the word out about their books. He recommended using Google’s Adwords tool, which turned out to be a great idea.

You have to sign up for it, but since I use a plethora of Google tools anyway, this was not an issue, and I didn’t have to pay anything (yet). Independent authors typically have no money for advertising campaigns.

So here’s what I learned using Adwords: people aren’t buying novels.

Or at least they aren’t searching for them much. I looked up search terms like literary fiction, books about corporate america, business satire, office romance, novels about Occupy Wall Street. Anything I punched in that was specific, that narrowed down what type of novel someone might look for, showed very small numbers of people looking. The searches that had tons of hits were very generic, like New in Fiction,  Books Online, Best Sellers in Books, and so on. Millions of people per month were typing in those searches. I’m not sure how helpful that is to independent authors.

So my search for literary eyeball magnets continues.


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