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Poll in Facebook: Next Story

So as I explore ways to get the word out about my second novel, Virtual Silence, a sci-fi, romantic dystopian satire about a gigantic multi-national conglomerate taking over the world (1984 meets Office Space), I am ready to get back to working on the next novel.

So I did a poll on Facebook, asking my friends which story idea they liked best of the four I posted. They overwhelmingly chose the story about the fellow who wakes up in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife, and doesn’t remember any of it, though it feels right to him. There’s a classic Wurlitzer filled with music he adores, paintings he has always loved, an expensive piano he is surprised to see he can play. And then he meets Elleny. She’s smart, sexy, assertive, wealthy, and says she is carrying his child.

How much of this is real? When a mysterious stranger follows him to his favorite breakfast dive and tells him it’s all a lie, a trick, maybe even a trap, Maxim has to figure out where he came from, and who this woman really is.

He will probably regret the answers.


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