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Novelist Researching Stone Circles

Fugue in C Minor has been fun to write because every little thing that happens requires a little bit of research. I love looking things up. I have been reading up on stone circles for the novel. We have an interesting replica of Stonehenge near us in the Columbia Gorge. As you enter the circle the echoes get pretty interesting. There’s also a small stone circle at the top of Council Crest Park in Portland. The echoes are not as pronounced, but still interesting.

I tried contacting a modern Druid, but the guy I contacted, who said he was a famous Druid teacher, never wrote back. Or I should say, “He was unavailable for comment.” It doesn’t matter to me that Druids didn’t build Stonehenge.

I get that stone circles have a religious significance to some people, but to me they are cool anyway. That echo is so unique. And the idea of everyone inside the circle being equal sounds reasonable to me.

The novel is not about Druids, sorry. Someone just has a stone circle in their backyard. They like the echo.


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