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Minor Leagues of Creative Writing

Someone (who has money) needs to create a clearinghouse or a minor league for creative people. We need a place where independent authors, journalists, painters, composers, photographers and the like can take their completed projects and have them looked over by experts somehow, evaluated, and critiqued. Stuff that’s fresh or unique (and possibly good, potentially marketable) could have a voice that it currently does not.

The question is, how does this get funded? Creative types are always told not to pay an “agent” for a reading fee. I’ve always followed that advice. And if you have someone set this up, the risk of scams increases. But it sure seems that legit agents tend not to review material these days from unknown sources, leaving them unknown still.

You’re not going to get any help from the government, at least, not in the US.

I’d love to get your input on this.


2 thoughts on “Minor Leagues of Creative Writing

  1. I started writing short stories when I was younger. I submitted quite a few, couldn’t get published because I didn’t have an agent. Couldn’t get an agent because I wasn’t published. I think the minor league division is a great idea and I’d be the first to try out.

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