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Character Development

Plumbers plumb, priests pry, so writers ought to write.

When it comes to developing characters, I used to think that what I do was a little nuts. But I have heard a lot of writers do this, so we’re nuts together. I interview my characters. Like they are present in the room. “What would you do if . . .?” And they begin to speak. There’s a scene in the original Clash of the Titans where Zeus (played by Sir Laurence Olivier) takes the action figure of Perseus and places him in Joppa (or someplace). And off he goes! Zeus doesn’t control what Perseus does or says,  and I feel that way sometimes.

I rather like it this way. Seems like less work, more entertainment. I still use outlines to make sure the characters eventually get from Point A to Point B. But the route they take often surprises me.

Have you written this way before?


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