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One of My Favorite Authors: Max Barry

Max is one of the few authors I read who is still alive (may he live many more decades, cos he’s still fairly young).  I thought it would be helpful to post the words of an established writer, but I don’t re-post or re-blog, so here’s the link to his own words. He wrote Jennifer Government (which is one of my favorite recent novels), Company, Syrup and Machine Man.

I like to read everything an author has written and see how they grew or got cynical (like Kurt Vonnegut). But I haven’t done that with Max. Since I read Jennifer Government, I have been looking for other modern writers I might like. I’ll post about others later. This is Max’s spotlight. And I plan to read Company soon.

It didn’t hurt that part of Jennifer Government was set in my home town of Portland, and that some scenes happened at Nike, literally a stone’s throw from where I work. Don’t worry, I didn’t hit anyone. And it was a small stone.

But what I really liked about Barry’s book was that it was a lot like mine (except that he sold lots of copies and important people in the publishing business know his name).


3 thoughts on “One of My Favorite Authors: Max Barry

  1. Jennifer Government was a great satire (that hits too close to the truth to be ignored) and I’m glad you recommended this book to me.

    It may not be your bag (not sure how you feel about sci-fi), but you might want to check out Charles Stross. His style is kind of… well, Lewis Carrol meets Douglas Adams until they’re both attacked by H.P. Lovecraft. Entertaining? Yes. Funny? Absolutely. Scarey? Unbelievably.

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