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Blogging About Fiction Beats Blogging Fiction

If you post creative things you’ve written, do you look at the blog stats to see what gets read and what doesn’t? You understand, of course, this is not the same as ratings. If someone reads your post, they can also rate it, or comment so you can get feedback.

Are people reading your fiction posts? Do you get constructive criticism on them?

My posts about writing get a lot of views, some comments, some likes. But my actual fiction posts don’t appear to get any views at all. It’s like people watch the DVD special features, but ignore the movie.

7 thoughts on “Blogging About Fiction Beats Blogging Fiction

  1. Good point! I’m going to read your fiction now. My fiction doesn’t necessarily appear as fiction. That’s my problem. Anyway, you have a good point, but I don’t think I know what the solution is or why this is the case.

  2. Vince this whole writing, sharing, creating blog experience is a trip. The tools offered in this to look at stats and trends and see what people like is super interesting to me. I think people are so busy blogging and checking in and socializing that they just don’t take the time to read.

  3. I tend to gravitate towards fiction, but again, that’s just me. Blogging fiction really is a different animal, though, and it seems that shorter things win over longer because people don’t want to commit the time.
    Interesting insights, though. I only post fiction, so I don’t have the same perspective.

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