Writing Assignment (Unwanted Gift)

If you dare, write a story or a scene where your character receives yet another gift from someone close to them, but it’s something your character does not want and cannot use. They have to either spend an inordinate amount of time planning what they will say to the gift giver, and be surprised at the response when they finally address the issue. Or the discussion about the gift with the gift giver goes terribly sideways, in a way that is either amusing or revealing of your character’s, er, character.

Let me know how it turns out!

Fugue Update

My next novel, Fugue in C Minor, is almost to 38,000 words. My goal is 100,000 (so it’s easy to figure the percent to completion).

I have mentioned before that I keep a spreadsheet of events, timelines, characters. I noticed a loose end today and resolved it. It was a character who was important at one point in the book, and I never made a note regarding their fate. I fated them today.

Feeling . . . godlike.