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More Band Names

With my next novel involving a record company, I’ve had to make up a lot of band names. I don’t want to use a name and find out someone in Connecticut is already using it, especially if I refer to the band in my novel as drug addicts or gamblers or pencil thieves.

So you search for the name online. Easy as cake!

I don’t know how Eric Idle thunk up all those band names in Monty Python’s Rock Notes clip, but someone still used one of those ridiculous band names. And then broke up.

I think it would be pretty cool to learn that a band took on the name Lucy Lucid and the Bad Dreamies.


2 thoughts on “More Band Names

    • I always thought Led Zeppelin was a good name for a band. If you’re trying to make up a name for your band, try choosing your favorite color, then follow it with a favorite monster type, like The Pink Ogres, or the Orange Changelings. Something like that always seems to work.

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