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Second Draft

I’ll be done with the Second Draft of Fugue in C Minor tomorrow.

I’m asking 5 people close to me to read the manuscript and give me pointed feedback, but I can’t imagine anyone would have the time to do that until January. I’ll take their criticisms and comments into the Third Draft, fix anything that might be messed up, and then start marketing the book to agents. That’s the hard part. But I have some good ideas about how to pitch it. So, for now, I’m confident I can get some eyes on it.

Happy Holidays!


4 thoughts on “Second Draft

  1. Congratulations on finishing the second draft. I usually take a similar process: finish the second draft, show it to people and make changes based on their feedback, although it usually takes me another 3 drafts or so to get things polished up enough. I say usually, although I’ve only gotten to an absolutely finished novel twice so far. Good luck on your revisions.

    • Similar here. This is the third book I’ve finished. I prefer to think the first novel is forgivable. The second tends to be an experiment of all the things we think we understand in our lives, and maybe the third is when we really buckle down and write a novel that makes sense and moves people. Just my opinion.

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