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Marketing a Self-Published Novel: Part 1 of 5

Most writers know that querying literary agents is the traditional method, but that this process can take months, and is generally fraught with disappointment. Even successful authors have said that the initial search for an agent or a publisher took several tries and involved much heartache. But they got through it! So don’t give up.

My previous novel, Virtual Silence is self-published on Amazon.com’s CreateSpace. This is a great place to self-publish because it doesn’t cost an arm or a leg, and you have pretty much complete control over the appearance of your novel. Amazon also helps you get your book out to numerous retail websites. But what they don’t do is market the work for you. And that is the biggest challenge for self-published authors. Smashwords is another place where authors can self-publish. I’m sure there are others, as well.

But see, anyone can self-publish. Which means most of us won’t be self-publishing something great. Traditional agents and publishers provide a quality filter that self-publishing doesn’t. Lower quality works simply don’t get looked at in the traditional model. But in self-publishing, there are gazillions of titles (211,000 published in 2011) available in print-on-demand and ebook. How is yours any different than the rest? And how do you get the word out to millions or even thousands of people that your book even exists?

I’ll dive into that subject after a little more research!


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