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Creative Guilds

I would love to hear from people who think of themselves as creative (producing some kind of artistic product), and learn whether they belong to a guild or union or something like it.

It seems to me that Indie creative people can lend each other a hand by sharing each other’s works on their blogs and other websites. Most of the guilds I have seen are for people who are well established in their creative field. But would it help for lesser-known creative types to band together?

Let me know what you think.

And remember, WordPress doesn’t make it easy anymore to see a blogger’s reply to your comment on their post. You have to go looking for it, like in “Comments I’ve Made” on the main dashboard page.


4 thoughts on “Creative Guilds

    • There could be a small network, maybe 10 artists, who put each other’s links and pics on the blogroll, and once a week have another member of their group guest blog. That’s one idea.

  1. I belong to an art guild in the next small town over. They have a store front, display guild members creations for sale, teach classes, etc. Could this model could be translated into a writers blog? Not sure. Don’t know how to find it, but I would bet one already exists. Others do not seem to worry about this, but how do you keep your work safe from copy and paste?

    • You wouldn’t keep it safe. You’d expose it. You’d network with other creative types, share links to your sales site, whether it’s Amazon or your own Pay Pal page or whatever.

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