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Places to Market eBooks

I picked up a couple of things from Writer’s Cafe’ at Kindle Boards. A lot of people talk about free promotions, where you list your ebook as free of charge for up to five days on Kindle, and as large numbers of people download it, its “fame” picks up, and the author tends to get a certain number of incidental sales after the free promotion. I was seeing figures something this: for every 5,000 copies given away, the author tended to get maybe 500-700 sales. It seemed to work for a lot of people, but a better way appears to be using sites like Bookbub to promote a discounted book, and build some real excitement and readership that way. An idea one writer mentioned was to buy the ad from Bookbub when you have two or more books on Kindle, so that your other titles get residual sales from people buying your new title. They’re there anyway, so some buy your other books. Brilliant.

One thing the Writer’s Cafe’ authors talk about at length is getting reviews. So when you read a book by an indie author, please provide them with a review on Amazon.com, Goodreads.com and/or other places where people buy indie books.

And thanks!


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