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You Know It’s Right

Got up early yesterday, motivated the wife and kids to get ready and leave by 7:30 or so. Drove through the Columbia River Gorge without checking the weather report, which would have said mix of rain and snow until late morning. Saw mix of rain and snow. Didn’t see any bald eagles.Got a text from Photo-Artiste David Bardes that the eagle had landed, and that it was kind of windy.

Arrived at Stonehenge replica in Maryhill, Washington a little late. It was still only a few degrees above freezing. And it was not kind of windy. It was pre-hurricaning! I’ll bet the sustained winds were 40 miles per hour, and the gusts got to 75 or so. Almost knocked me over once.

The kids loved Stonehenge. But they were back in the car after ten minutes. What I noticed was that the wind was almost down to nothing inside the circle. The howling was weird, creepy in a cool way. But the echo was totally absent. I had been Jonesing for some echo. Must have been the wind.

David got some incredible photos for the cover of Fugue in C Minor. The wife and kids wanted to stop at Casa el Mirador for lunch, so I had to eat there for a second time in a weekend (score!).

It was a pretty good day.


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