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Currently Reading

Reading Trails in the Sand by P.C. Zick. It’s about an environmental reporter, and it connects the BP oil rig explosion and spill with the West Virginia mine explosion using an interesting family story. Well-written novel. It also has turtles in it, so how can you resist?


4 thoughts on “Currently Reading

  1. Thanks, Vince! Hope you continue enjoying it. I look forward to reading Fugue in C Minor. You might consider signing up to do a guest post on my blog (I have dates in July). That way I’ll have a deadline for finishing Fugue!

      • Yes, I’m gearing up for a blog tour in April. It’s a lot of fun. I’d be happy to do a guest post on yours if you’d like. My writing blog is Writing Whims – you might already do it. I do an Author Wednesday feature and then if it works out I review the author’s book on Book Review Friday. So far it’s been great fun and a wonderful way to meet folks and get exposed to a wider audience.

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