First Promotion

It was pretty cool having my book presented on another blog for a day. The promotion continues for other authors. I’ll post updates here and on Facebook as they come in.

I learned how to convert a pdf to a mobi, and why page numbers in the original Word document are bad for Kindle. I think I have six different formats for my book now, lol.

I’m still reading P.C. Zick’s Trails in the Sand. I recommend it, especially for those interested in human-made environmental disasters.

We now return you to our usual programming.

Authors Promoting Authors at “Discover Authors”

Kate Policani has created a blog just for authors to cross-promote books. What a great idea! It doesn’t cost anything, but she asks that authors promote for other authors posting there. You scratch my back, and I will scratch yours. So tomorrow my book, Fugue in C Minor gets featured there.

My next post will be the promotion for the book. Have a great day!

Paperback Writer

The paperback version of my new novel Fugue in C Minor is finally available for sale! Click on this hyperlink to see it at It’s also at