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Google Yourself

I put up a thread at Writer’s Cafe the other day asking other writers if they Googled their characters’ names to see if they were famous already. You wouldn’t want to make up a character named Andy Jackson without researching the US President of the same name, right?

The conversation turned to Googling oneself, something I have done, just for kicks. There’s a successful engineer in Maine (or maybe it was Connecticut), a really good guitarist, a criminal mugshot I didn’t look into. It was interesting to see the different types of people with the same name as me.

So Google yourself. See where your name shows up.

You might already be famous!


2 thoughts on “Google Yourself

  1. I’ve Googled my name, but David Stewart is way too common a name to come up with myself (yet 😉 ). The only way to get consistent results is to Google my blog name “The Green-Walled Tower”.

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