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The Next Level

It’s funny to me. I was a sports reporter years ago. I interviewed a handful of professional basketball players, and a lot of amateur athletes. I’ve interviewed people from Hollywood and Washington, D.C. and everywhere in between in my last job. I’ve met two former governors of the state of Oregon, and several locally-famous media members.

But for some reason, a simple question to a leading astro-physicist has me nervous.

I am working on a story with sci-fi elements, and a primary character needs to invent a device that does something science currently deems impossible. But a leading physicist has suggested this thing might be possible, depending on what we eventually learn about some mysterious stuff in space.

Cryptic enough?

So I thought up a way to do this impossible thing, and I wanted to know if this physicist would think my solution is reasonable or just juvenile. But I haven’t written that email, yet. Working on taking the courage to the next level.


2 thoughts on “The Next Level

  1. That’s why fantasy is easier to write than science fiction: no one can possibly complain that it’s not realistic, since everyone knows it’s not. 🙂 You got me intrigued though.

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