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Aha Moment

I’ve been approached by several third-party recruiters for technical writing and project management jobs. This is great because I need a job. It’s the thing to do, after all.

Many of these jobs recently have required expertise in Adobe Captivate. Until a week ago I had never heard of this program. So I downloaded the free trial and started watching YouTube.com tutorials. They were helpful. But I still don’t get what Adobe Captivate is for. I’m sure I will soon enough.

I’m kind of right there with indie book marketing, too. I haven’t had the Aha Moment, but it will come. Another author in Writer’s Cafe was saying how she enjoys writing for the sake of writing, even though no one is buying her books. I want to be like that. I want to write books because I love writing books. And I want readers to appreciate it so much that they buy my books. Lots of them.

I’d like to win the lottery, too.

Someone told me a while back that general fiction, literary fiction, which is what I write, is out of date. Readers want horror or romance or sci-fi or western (or whatever genre they like) because they want to know what to expect from a book. In a romance, this kind of thing happens. A sci-fi story goes like this. And this is what is expected from a horror novel.

Don’t readers want to be surprised? Don’t they want a twisted ending? Don’t they want to be the first in their circle to discover something unique and tell all of their friends?

I haven’t had that Aha Moment, either.


6 thoughts on “Aha Moment

  1. Don’t give up your dream! I think if the writing is good, people will want to read it. I think publishers like to have a clear marketing path and something that will sell, of course. Good luck with the job!

  2. It’s tough, Vince. I agree with you that I want to write for writing’s sake, but right now it’s my only job so that’s a little harder to swallow. Also, I write contemporary fiction, and I’ve got the feeling I’m a dinosaur. Glad you’re in the field with me.

  3. It seems for newer authors, there is an expectation of what the novel should hold, and it should be genre-specific. That’s what the agents want from us, anyway. On the other hand, I suspect if you’re a bigwig, that’s not the case. From what I’ve heard, Stephen King’s ’11/22/63′ is kind of all over genre-wise, though I haven’t read it yet.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it!

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