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Indie Author Marketing

I’ve purposely sought out and followed a large number of independent authors here in WordPress in order to investigate the possibility of creating another place where indie authors can pitch their product. My vision is that a large number of writers could use a single site to promote their works for free, cooperatively. But I’m not sure I know enough writers or enough readers to make it impactful. Sites like Goodreads.com have zillions of members, and newbies get lost in the crowd. A new site would struggle at first to get readers.

Kate Policani created a blog site called Discover Authors to do just what I was talking about. She has also posted a matrix she created, based on viewer feedback, that lists marketing sites for authors and how well the authors did using those sites.

If you’re an author, how are you marketing your book? Would you participate in a network of authors for mutual promotion?

If you’re an avid reader, do you use these kind of sites to find new authors to read? Or do you like to stick with the same handful of authors because you are confident you know what you’ll get with them?

KindleBoards has created a great site for writers to come together and talk about the craft of writing, get tips from other authors, and even pitch your books. If you use this site as a reader or as a writer, I’d love to hear how it has helped you.

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