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Used Books

My wife bought me a used copy of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas. First thing I did was thumb through all the pages to see if anyone left any interesting bookmarks or cash in the book. Nothing this time. Found a Fifty Dollar Bill once. Which is why I always look.

The one prospective employer I have interviewed with sent me a thanks, but no thanks email yesterday. It wasn’t going to be a great job, but that’s all the more reason to feel like a used book myself, sitting on a shelf, collecting dust. My wife told me it just wasn’t the right opportunity. She’s awesome. 

I’m listening to Haydn’s 101st Symphony, editing that old project I want to upgrade. It appears the free ebook route is the only one that might get the word out for an unknown author. So part of my plan is to make the older book free, and try to get some traffic on my Amazon page. I no longer feel this is crass.


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