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Random Updates

I made my novel  Fugue in C Minor available as a free download in .mobi format (for Kindle readers) on Goodreads.com. I’m hoping lots of people download it, read it and review it. I really don’t like the idea of just giving it away. I worked on that book probably 20 hours a week for something like 30 weeks. You put 600 hours into something and you feel it’s right you should get paid. But who’s going to pay you? No one knows you wrote it.  One of my assignments the next few days is to search for lots of book review blogs and ask for a read.

I’m still working on re-writing that older story. It’s going to take some time. I want it to turn out just right, you know? And then I never want to look at it again!

I applied for three jobs in the public education field this week. It takes traditional universities a long time to make these kinds of decisions, apparently. Silence, here, is not golden. I’m seeing fewer and fewer job openings each week. And that’s after expanding my searches to broader fields, larger geographic areas, and a broader range of pay. That’s a horrible thing to have to do after enjoying a certain standard of living for so many years.

My cat caught another starling today. This one was only a couple of days away from being able to fly. I’m planning to feed him and try releasing him outside of town this weekend.


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