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My Work in Progress story takes my characters to Guadalajara today. Yes, they get around. I noticed there’s a Mexican Air Force college there, but the airplanes at this airfield are all older prop planes. My first thought was, “Not a very fierce Air Force.” But then you have to start somewhere. You probably wouldn’t want young people going from bicycles one day to F-22’s the next.

They make a lot of tequila in and around Guadalajara. That’s not my drink. But I like agave, which tequila is apparently made from. I have it in my coffee sometimes, when I run out of Splenda. They also grow a lot of limes there. Lime is great in my tea or water.

My WIP is also getting very close to 100,000 words, my ultimate goal for its length. I now estimate it will finish up at 103,000. Yay.

How are your projects coming along?


4 thoughts on “Guadalajara

    • I target 100k because it’s the standard. But this draft will take the book over 103k with the remaining content. Further editing could reduce that. But I’m very pleased with 100-105k.

  1. Congrats on your progress. My novel edit is at a standstill right now while I get caught up on blog stories and short story editing. There’s nothing quite like diving into a novel though. 🙂

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