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Requesting Book Reviews of My Novel

For those of you who write books and want reviews, what has been your most successful strategy for asking without spamming? And what has been the best way to actually get reviews?

There are a large number of book reviewers on WordPress, Goodreads and Amazon who read ferociously. But I read today that one of them (in Amazon) was offended when an author approached her, requesting reviews.

I don’t want to spam anyone.

I’ll be asking the moderator in Goodreads for her input, too.

By the way, the .mobi version of Fugue in C Minor is now available for download for those that would be interested in reviewing it. The book is a sexy, romantic thriller about a fellow who loses his memory, and maybe a lot more. It was also a lot of fun to write.


2 thoughts on “Requesting Book Reviews of My Novel

  1. I know a lot of bloggers on WordPress will mention in their About page (or similar) if they accept books for review. I actually have a page called Book Reviews, where I explain how people can request reviews. Now, I’m currently swamped in both work and books to review, so I’m not the reviewer you’re looking for, but I’d suggest surfing around WordPress and seeing what you find. If a blogger specifically states they accept books for review, then they can’t exactly get mad if you send them a book, can they? 🙂

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