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The Best and Worst Time to Replace a Cabinet-Mounted Microwave Oven

Three weeks ago my wife and I were walking through Bush Park in Salem. Lovely place, lots of trees and places to walk or jog. Next door is this place called the Deepwood Estate. Both places have an old estate house and unique plants. Apparently, the Deepwood plants are a little too unique, because my lower legs were soon covered in rashes (allergic reaction stuff). So my doctor prescribed a steroid to clear it up, which has worked nicely. Today is the 5th day on this prescription. Also today our cabinet-mounted microwave oven died, and who in the first world can live without a microwave oven? So we went to our local big box and bought a new one.

The thing about steroids is that they make a body more ornery, insistent, and maybe even capable of tolerating, if not lifting, heavier objects. But the thing about microwave ovens is that the holes for the mount on top never line up with the holes that were drilled for the previous microwave, even when the previous one is the same brand, model, size, color, religion.

It took three trees to get the holes right. That poor, abused cabinet.

So I’m lifting, lining up, holding, this heavy object, getting angrier and angrier. My wife and step-son are trying to get it screwed back in correctly, and eventually they did. But I swear I could see my arms turning green.

Now we’re going for a walk to drop off the terrible Redbox movie the kids rented earlier.

I feel great, though.


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