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Never Say You’re Blog Sorry

In my unscientific opinion, the topic bloggers discuss the most seems to be how sorry they are for not posting more often. It’s ok to post once a week, or twice a month, as long as what you got is good stuff. I recently noticed a blog that had a post from yesterday that said, “Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.” And the previous post was a month ago, also apologizing for not blogging more often. One lady was having surgery. I think that trumps your blog.

If what you post is intriguing and engaging, it will get readers.

Have a great day!


One thought on “Never Say You’re Blog Sorry

  1. I remember I used to apologize to my diary for not writing in it. If you look at my entries, they’re along the lines of the following: January “Hi diary! I’m Michelle!” February: “Sorry for not writing for a month, diary!” July: “Soooo sorry for not writing in so long!” December: “Wow, I forgot I had a diary! Hi! I’m Michelle!”

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