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Addicted to Abuse

I have a friend whose “spouse,” the one who vowed to love and cherish in thick and thin, beats the hell out of them. This friend says the spouse has struck them with a frying pan, a shower curtain rod, has thrown a heavy vacuum cleaner at them, and a cat litter box. This friend gets hit for listening to certain kinds of music, or watching certain kinds of shows.

This friend left this abusive spouse twice, most recently telling me what a living hell it was to never know if they were going to get a hug, a kiss, or a knife to the chest. Most recently this friend was thrown in jail for supposedly hitting back. They lost their job, what little money they had, almost lost all of their possessions. And now this friend has returned to the abusive spouse.

What the hell would possess someone to embrace an abusive spouse?

I have zero tolerance for anyone who would strike me. I have no desire to live with, or even socialize with someone who drinks just to get drunk.

If you can provide any kind of insight, I’d love to hear why this friend is willing to risk their life for this psychotic maniac.



2 thoughts on “Addicted to Abuse

  1. I believe it’s most likely they find their identity being attached to the spouse/other. “If I leave them, what does that make me?” To some a loser for picking the wrong man. To others weak for not standing up for themselves. Mostly I’ve seen many think that having someone, anyone, fills a hole in their lives. They are filling the whole with the wrong piece, but it fits “good enough”.

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