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Saturday Afternoon Post

I’m making progress on the character edit/line edit for my work in progress. I’m on page 136 of 367. I was seriously hoping to finish tomorrow. But there’s no way.

I keep thinking about the next project I’m going to work on, and it’s really daunting. It’s a near-complete re-write of my first novel, which I started writing in 1988, when I was in college, and had no clues at all about things like marriage, parenting, divorce, careers, um, or pretty much anything else. It’s a novel about marriage, parenting, divorce . . .

But I think it has the potential now that I have a clue. I started writing the follow up novel to it in 2008. And I like the follow up a lot. It’s funny, sexy, thoughtful. But I keep wanting the reader to know the back story, and they can’t unless they read the first novel. Or, I could cut it way back and include it in the newer book. But that’s cheesy.

I also had a great epiphany a couple of days ago for an apocalyptic story with aliens, space travel, nukes, and a sexy lady leading a team of nerds. Don’t all writers have an idea like that?


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