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Father’s Day

Was having pizza with my dad, my wife, my sister and her husband, two of my kids. He mentioned the ship he served on when he was in the Navy. I think it was 1959 – 1963. Anyway, he tried so hard to get a different assignment. But each time he’d come into San Francisco, he’d sign up for training classes so he could get off the USS Locator (part of the Early Distant Warning radar picket line the Navy setup prior to satellite systems). Each time his training was complete, the Locator would be there waiting for him.

I figured there’d be no way to get a picture of her, but here she is. According to Wikipedia, she was built in 1945 (sounds like she was a merchant marine ship), bought by the Navy in 1955 and refitted for radar picket, and then decommissioned in 1965, scrapped in 1975. Even the cars she became are probably all recycled as razors or scissors by now.

USS Locator


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