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Page 200

I’m at 55% of the way done with this editing project. I think this thing is going to be very polished when I’m done.

I was planning to strip apart my first-ever novel and rebuild it, rewriting at least 75% of it. But I may put that off and get into a novel idea I have about a character who discovers her husband’s birth family after he dies. Real-life events have inspired this story, which, strangely enough, came to me before I knew anything about the real-life events. Figure that riddle out!

Happy Father’s Day to those to whom it is applicable.


2 thoughts on “Page 200

  1. After you let the first novel sit for awhile and let all the parts marry like putting dressing on a salad ahead of time, you may find that a rewrite is unnecessary!

    • I finished the first one in 2004. I don’t even mention its name anymore because it was so awful. Even the name will change. Fugue in C Minor is my third novel. It’s all the things I didn’t do right with my first one, lol.

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