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Making Positive Predictions

I was playing Bejeweled 3. If you’re one of the six people who don’t know what that is, it’s a matching game. I was trying to line up five red jewels to make a cube (cubes are good). But I suddenly found that the only move I could make without sacrificing my existing cube was to set off a bomb that would blow up several of my red jewels, and lose the opportunity to make a cube.

Here’s where this has meaning in real life. I had faith that setting off the bomb would rearrange the jewels in such a way that I could make another cube. I had faith that something good would come of something not so good.

And I find this happens a lot in life. If you look for it.

And, of course, I now have two cubes on my game screen.




I am the God of little things

Like flowers

And pebbles

And ladybugs

The drops of sweat from a hard day of good work

A sip of tea on a summer day


I am the God of the swatches

Of the fabric of life


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