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New Novel Begins Today

My next novel is concerned with extended families and adoption. My mother was raised by her aunt, and always knew she had two older brothers. But she didn’t know she had a younger brother until she was 35. So I’m interviewing her to learn more about how that all worked out. She’s given me a few surprises already.


7 thoughts on “New Novel Begins Today

  1. Good luck with that! My daughter’s fiance doesn’t know his biological parents. He says it is stranger now that he has a daughter than it was when it was just him.

      • My book, Red Clay and Roses, tells a story that is similar. It was from someone born in the fifties out of a forbidden relationship. These are timeless subjects that people will always need to explore in any era.

      • Wow! That’s like a family that I know found out that the mother had an entirely different family with three more kids. Now my friend has eight siblings instead of five. You hear about men doing that, but women? What I wanted to know is how she kept her pregnancies secret and where did she find the time?

      • My mother’s father and mother had 4 kids together. All four of them were adopted out, but three of them went to be raised by aunts and uncles.Then her mother had a child with her second husband before they got married, and that child was adopted out. And her father remarried and had three more kids.

      • I follow that, but how complex it is. Not typical! Or is it? Sometimes, the not so normal sounding is, in fact, statistically normal…or close to it.

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