Life Imitates Art and Tim

In my second novel, Virtual Silence, the homeless in America are shipped off to Mexico where they become slaves to a certain fast-growing industry down there that needs free labor. But when Hawaii decided to ship out their homeless, I got worried.

I gotta start writing stories about me winning the lottery.


Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep?

I was having a zombie dream last night. And then the dog woke us up at 4am so he could relieve himself. Stupid dog.

When I went back to sleep, I was in the zombie dream again. And then when I finally woke up at 7, I turned on the computer and wrote it down. It was amazing how much of it I remembered. And it’s a good thing I wrote it down, because I can hardly remember it now.

I dreamed some of the sequences that made it into my second novel, Virtual Silence, too. And a song once.

Do you write down your dreams? I know some people keep a journal. As an author and former journalist, I always write them down for later use in a story. When I remember to.

On Becoming an Independent Author

If you were faced with the choice of writing a novel or pulling a locomotive with your teeth, I’d invite you to get some good dental insurance. There are too many independent authors on the market. It’s flooded. Let’s start an alliance and get better jobs for 95% of the indie authors out there. And save all the readers for the rest of us!

I’m shipping out the five copies of Fugue in C Minor to the contest winners today. Then I’ll be setting up my next promotion. Then I’ll be contacting book reviewers.

It’s going to be a very busy day. I hope yours goes well!

And Then Sometimes It Was Just You

When I write, I either take my little netbook computer outside and sit on the front porch. Or I have it open on my desk, and use my desktop computer with the gigantic screen and fast chip to research details. Did they make the car my character drives in 1965? Did they have big gulp fountain drinks in 1975? Did that park exist in 1985? And so on.

But with the printer on my desk, and my keyboard, mouse, and little computer, there’s hardly any room. I couldn’t type on both keyboards without moving one of them aside. ┬áBut wait, the reason we always put the printer on the desk is that the cord connects to the back of the computer. Well it did in 1995. These things have been wireless for years. So duh, the printer can go on the file cabinet a few feet away, and now there’s tons of room for both computers on my desk.

Life is good.

People Surprise Me

I’ve mentioned before that I am giving away five copies of Fugue in C Minor on The entry period ends in two days, by the way.

Anyway, when Goodreads first announced the giveaway, I got about 50 hits on the giveaway page the first day, maybe 25 the second day, and then about 6-8 a day for three weeks. Then suddenly, starting a couple of days ago, I went from 188 hits to 360 in two days. It appears that Goodreads lists new giveaway, but also soon-to-expire giveaways. So a bunch of people are entering now so they don’t have to wait so long to find out who won.

I think that’s funny.

Hopefully I get some reviews out of this, and people who didn’t win might go buy a copy. Right?

My newest project, Rosemary, is up to 3,000 words now, with 43 chapters in the outline. Much to do.

Have a great day!


I was watching a documentary years ago about how TV scripts were written for Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was amusing because the actors always had to practice these long technical phrases, most of which were totally made up anyway. But this documentary said that the script writers just inserted the word TECH where they will need jargon, and the show’s technical staff would review the script and add plausible-sounding technical terms. In the final episode, they even play on this when Levar Burton says (as LaForge):┬áCaptain, we’ve got a problem with the warp core, or the phase inducers – or some other damn thing (

Apply this to my next novel: When I run into something that needs better details than I can apply as I compose in my porch slider, I just write TECH in the manuscript and move on. I’ll research the park they’re in or a bird-watching book they’ll need or how much horsepower a 1963 Avanti had later.

Have an awesome day!