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In Order to be Out of Order

I tend to do things out of order. I’m not one to follow prescribed rules or scripts. I think most people think that about themselves. And I think most people think most other people do follow scripts and such. But it’s really ok if one person buys the Mustang and another buys the Camaro, or one votes left-wing and another votes right-wing. Just don’t say the other side is evil.

Say they are out of order.

So recently I finished editing and re-writing my second novel, Virtual Silence, and I am very pleased at how it turned out. I had a great idea for a new cover, but that project may be delayed a bit.

I just wanted to clear up the order in which I published my books, even though I started them in completely different order.

My first novel, published in 2004, is currently called The Dying Art of Conjugation, although I published it under another title and under a pen name. I have taken it out of print and plan to one day completely revamp it. But don’t hold your breath. I have better things to do right now.

Virtual Silence, originally published in 2010, is my second novel. It is about the lack of soul in modern American businesses, and how people need to free themselves from Cubeland, get out and paint, draw, be mutually intimate with real people.

Fugue in C Minor is my third novel, published in 2013. It’s about a fellow who has lost his memory, and has to figure out if this beautiful woman next to him is really his wife, or someone trying to sabotage his family. It’s a sexy, paranoid thriller.

I am doing research and organizing the structure for my fourth novel right now, so I haven’t written much in the actual manuscript.

You don’t want to write your novel before you’ve researched and organized. That would be out of order for me.


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