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I’ve Never Seen a Dead Badger

I got in contact with the Department of Transportation Maintenance Supervisor today. He was cool to talk to. Maybe I name a cool character after him. He said his crew picks up dead animals badger-sized and bigger. I didn’t know we had badgers in Oregon. I’ve never seen one. This is probably a good thing since I hear they are vicious.

I wondered who picks up the raccoons and squirrels and small dogs and cats.

These are the same people who fix signs that have been buck-shot, or run over. They clean up after accidents. They fill in potholes.

Maybe the job is different in the city. But since my story is set in eastern Oregon, far from the madding crowd, I called the Maintenance Supervisor from over there.

I asked him what they do with all the dead animals and he said they dump them in the woods, in an undisclosed location. That way crows and mountain lions and vultures can eat them. These are sensible people. I figured they’d burn them or bury them. Sometimes they are found mostly dead and have to be euthanized, but that’s a different department that does that.

It was a short but informative conversation.

Now that my primary research is done, I can start composing and see what turns up. Pretty cool.


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