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I was watching a documentary years ago about how TV scripts were written for Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was amusing because the actors always had to practice these long technical phrases, most of which were totally made up anyway. But this documentary said that the script writers just inserted the word TECH where they will need jargon, and the show’s technical staff would review the script and add plausible-sounding technical terms. In the final episode, they even play on this when Levar Burton says (as LaForge): Captain, we’ve got a problem with the warp core, or the phase inducers – or some other damn thing (IMDB.com).

Apply this to my next novel: When I run into something that needs better details than I can apply as I compose in my porch slider, I just write TECH in the manuscript and move on. I’ll research the park they’re in or a bird-watching book they’ll need or how much horsepower a 1963 Avanti had later.

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One thought on “Details

  1. I think when we’re being creative it’s very wise to just leave a “placeholder” word of sorts and get on with the story. Good idea.

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