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People Surprise Me

I’ve mentioned before that I am giving away five copies of Fugue in C Minor on Goodreads.com. The entry period ends in two days, by the way.

Anyway, when Goodreads first announced the giveaway, I got about 50 hits on the giveaway page the first day, maybe 25 the second day, and then about 6-8 a day for three weeks. Then suddenly, starting a couple of days ago, I went from 188 hits to 360 in two days. It appears that Goodreads lists new giveaway, but also soon-to-expire giveaways. So a bunch of people are entering now so they don’t have to wait so long to find out who won.

I think that’s funny.

Hopefully I get some reviews out of this, and people who didn’t win might go buy a copy. Right?

My newest project, Rosemary, is up to 3,000 words now, with 43 chapters in the outline. Much to do.

Have a great day!


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