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On Becoming an Independent Author

If you were faced with the choice of writing a novel or pulling a locomotive with your teeth, I’d invite you to get some good dental insurance. There are too many independent authors on the market. It’s flooded. Let’s start an alliance and get better jobs for 95% of the indie authors out there. And save all the readers for the rest of us!

I’m shipping out the five copies of Fugue in C Minor to the contest winners today. Then I’ll be setting up my next promotion. Then I’ll be contacting book reviewers.

It’s going to be a very busy day. I hope yours goes well!


4 thoughts on “On Becoming an Independent Author

  1. It’s true. That’s why I’m working so hard on polishing my book to as close to perfection as possible. The only thing that makes us stand above the rest is our product, because indie books are a dime a dozen these days. Hope your day goes well too. 🙂

  2. I agree that there are too many, but I also think there’s value in that. One of the reasons I’m a fan of indie publishing or self publishing is that it has taken the power away from the agents and publishers. That’s a good thing. The reality is that most of us already do have jobs since we clearly aren’t making enough money publishing. 😉

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