I keep getting story ideas, lots of them. I write them down. More come. This is great. I’d love to spend all my time writing these 75 stories I have ready to go. But I’m trying to find a job and trying to market my last book. Neither of those things are going quite the way I would prefer. And I haven’t won the lottery yet, either. How hard could that be?

You just keep plugging away.


Seeking Reviews

I have been looking at all kinds of ways to promote my books, and some of the sites out there look promising. But the ones I have delved into require more reviews than I currently have for Fugue in C Minor. So my next step is to seek out book reviewers and try to get more input. With Fugue in C Minor now at $1.69 on Kindle, it’s a great time for you to get a copy and read it for yourself. It’s mysterious, sexy, intriguing, thought-provoking, and a little paranoid. If you love that, then Virtual Silence is only $1.59 on Kindle. It’s also sexy and slightly paranoid, but in a “everything is falling to pieces but I find myself laughing” kind of way.

My next project release is imminent, as soon as the region’s greatest art photographer (David Bardes) and I can get together to shoot scenes for its cover.

Politics Imitating Art

When I sardonically wrote in my novel Virtual Silence that American cities would eventually round up their homeless and ship them off to Mexico to become free labor for a certain questionable industry, I only somewhat thought a city like Columbus, South Carolina would actually do it. According to MSN Money, they are planning on doing something very much like it (without the Mexico bit).

Virtual Silence is $1.59 on Kindle now. Check it out!

Mixing it Up

It’s easy to start feeling like what you’re doing is more like a grind than something awesome and amazing. So two days ago I decided to go in a different direction for a little while.

I went back to my poems, most of which I wrote in the late 80’s, but some as recent as a few years back, and edit and organize them into a publishable book. I’m working with an amazing photographer named David Bardes on some cover ideas.

Then last night I made my world-famous salsa. It turned out spectacular, as expected 🙂

And today I wrote a short story for the first time in several years. I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

It was nice mixing things up.

Price Reduced

I lowered the prices for both of my books today. Virtual Silence is now $9.99 paperback and $1.59 on Kindle. Fugue in C Minor is now $10.99 paperback and $1.69 Kindle. The links in the photos to the right take you to the CreateSpace pages, which are updated, but the pages will take a day or two to update the paperback prices.


Lightning is Almost as Good as Coffee

Where I live we rarely get lightning storms. But in the last two hours we got a good one! The first strike was right above my house, and they slowly moved west toward the coast. Some of the bolts were quite spectacular.  And we may even get more tomorrow. I love a show electrical storm.

Just curious what odds or ends charge your batteries?


Likefarming: The practice of conning masses of people to click “like” on your social media page to increase your SEO. Can be used for legitimate businesses and those not so legitimate.

Blamescaping: Looking around yourself and carefully determining who all is at fault for you having a lousy day.

Freelensing: Posting tons of your pictures (or someone else’s) online so lots of people can copy them and call them their own.

Coffee: An energy field that binds the universe together.