Politics Imitating Art

When I sardonically wrote in my novel Virtual Silence that American cities would eventually round up their homeless and ship them off to Mexico to become free labor for a certain questionable industry, I only somewhat thought a city like Columbus, South Carolina would actually do it. According to MSN Money, they are planning on doing something very much like it (without the Mexico bit).

Author Wednesday – Vince Dickinson

Thanks for the interview, P.C. It was fun!

P.C. Zick


Welcome to Author Wednesday. Today I interview Vince Dickinson who is the author of Fugue in C Minor, a romantic thriller. The main character finds himself in the perfect life, but he can’t remember how he arrived there. Kindle Merged JPG Bardes Background Full Smaller

Welcome to Author Wednesday, Vince. I’m wondering if, like many authors, you have any special writing rituals. 

I like to have a large mug of coffee or iced tea next to me. I can’t deal with any kind of distractions when I’m writing. I take my Netbook with me to the patio when I write.

I don’t like any distractions either. It’s always interesting to learn how authors discover their voice in writing. When did you first discover your voice as a writer?

The first thing I ever wrote was a “poem” about Vincent Van Gogh when I was thirteen. My English teacher posted it in the parent newsletter, and I…

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You Get What You Believe In

I was on LinkedIn earlier and saw a post about a company that supposedly created a Photoshop app that removed modifications from photographs. This was designed for the fashion and beauty industry, where photos are often modified to make people (especially women) look more ideal than they could ever look in real life. So this company was trying to make a point that the industry should stop making people feel ugly and insignificant.

I don’t know if the app was real. I don’t know if the company in question really wants women to feel they are already beautiful.

But the real question is whether women want to believe they are already beautiful. I believe my wife, without makeup or Photoshop, is the most beautiful woman I know. And I’m sure most people feel this way about the person with whom they are most intimate.

So why do fashion and beauty magazines continue to thrive?

The reason is that most people allow themselves to believe that the ugliest statements or implications are the truest, and the most encouraging things said are mostly lies. The magazines perpetuate this. But regular people can stop it today if they stopped buying magazines or buying things from websites that alter photographs. They buy this garbage because they believe they are inferior.

The quality of our food, our politics, our movies and TV shows, our jobs and anything else you can think of would improve dramatically if we stopped buying the garbage they are trying to sell us.

A pride of lions looks at a herd of gazelles and sees opportunity. They see lunch. The gazelles look at the lions and see death, even though the gazelles outnumber the lions 100 to 1. But gazelles have these long pointy things on their heads. And 50 of those would easily be enough to chase away the lions. So why don’t they attack?

The same reason people buy the Photoshopped magazines.