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Author Wednesday – Vince Dickinson

Thanks for the interview, P.C. It was fun!

P.C. Zick


Welcome to Author Wednesday. Today I interview Vince Dickinson who is the author of Fugue in C Minor, a romantic thriller. The main character finds himself in the perfect life, but he can’t remember how he arrived there. Kindle Merged JPG Bardes Background Full Smaller

Welcome to Author Wednesday, Vince. I’m wondering if, like many authors, you have any special writing rituals. 

I like to have a large mug of coffee or iced tea next to me. I can’t deal with any kind of distractions when I’m writing. I take my Netbook with me to the patio when I write.

I don’t like any distractions either. It’s always interesting to learn how authors discover their voice in writing. When did you first discover your voice as a writer?

The first thing I ever wrote was a “poem” about Vincent Van Gogh when I was thirteen. My English teacher posted it in the parent newsletter, and I…

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