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Mixing it Up

It’s easy to start feeling like what you’re doing is more like a grind than something awesome and amazing. So two days ago I decided to go in a different direction for a little while.

I went back to my poems, most of which I wrote in the late 80’s, but some as recent as a few years back, and edit and organize them into a publishable book. I’m working with an amazing photographer named David Bardes on some cover ideas.

Then last night I made my world-famous salsa. It turned out spectacular, as expected šŸ™‚

And today I wrote a short story for the first time in several years. I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

It was nice mixing things up.


2 thoughts on “Mixing it Up

  1. I agree. It’s good to something different for a change. By the way, I just bought your book. Sorry it took me so long. I have a long trip coming up, so it’ll be a good chance to read it.

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