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Man Bites Dog

I’m doing better at staying organized these days. I have set aside an hour a day for reading and three hours for writing. As I get more set in this schedule it will be more like four hours a day writing.

I’m still reading PC Zick’s Trails in the Sand. I’ll have a review for it when I’m done. Then I’ll be reading Mark Paxson’s book Weed Therapy. Check them both out!

In working on my next novel, I was trying to think of a slogan or motto to use to keep the focus on this story. My novels always appear to be about one thing, but when you get into the text you find that what you thought was the primary subject matter is really just the setting. So the slogan my main character uses to keep herself focused on her work is Man Bites Dog, which refers to the journalistic idea that no one cares if a plane took off from Baltimore and landed just fine in New Orleans a few hours later. But if something unusual happens, then that is news.


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