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My work in progress novel is up to 53,000 words. I’m excited about the progress, but even more by the way the story is fitting together. I’m tempted to post the first chapter here and see what people think of it.

I have a collection of poetry I wanted to release, but I’m still looking for the right photo for the cover. It deals with the different phases of personal relationships from an existential perspective.

My book of short stories is being held up by the fact that two of the longer stories are going to require a great deal of reworking, and two others are just hopeless. The best thing to do would be to delete the bad ones and come up with something better to replace them. My friend Dan had a writing prompt a year or two ago about walking an unusual pet. I started a story and it developed into the beginnings of a romance, but then it stopped.

The Rosemary story I have been working on is waiting to see what I do with this other novel I’m working on. Always juggling many projects.

The rains are back, and this weekend we are expecting a deluge. Perfect writing weather.


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