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Happy Accident

It occurred to me, after I gave away my five copies of Fugue in C Minor on Goodreads.com, that I didn’t have any copies of Fugue in C Minor, or the new and improved version of Virtual Silence. So I ordered one of each over at CreateSpace.com. A package shows up today and it’s two books. But not my books. It was two copies of Carrie Rudzinski’s The Shotgun Speaks, poems. CreateSpace is re-sending both orders, and I sent Carrie a message in Facebook.

So I read the first couple of her poems. Powerful. Angry. Like Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill, but no holding back. Rudzinski has a Sylvia Plath feel to her poems, too. I hope she lives a lot longer than Plath.


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