I mentioned a while back that I recently revisited an old project and decided I could make it shine. I’m well into that project now and really enjoying repairing (restoring) this story. The first thing I did was to create an Excel spreadsheet to list all the chapters, what happens in each, and what date they occur. Then I created a spreadsheet for the characters, listing their physical descriptions and importance to the story. I’m told the Scrivener software does this, too, but I already have Excel.

Here’s why it was so important to use Excel. Today I remembered that the main character had sisters in the earlier draft, but I decided he needed only one sister. And that sister’s husband gets him a job at one point. So it was easy to use Excel to track where in the story all the references to sisters are, and update the manuscript. It was really easy to see where all these characters were and easy to make changes. I love Excel.


3 thoughts on “Excel

  1. This may come in handy for me for one of my works in progress. 30,000 words in and I stopped a few years ago. Since then, I’ve realized that a basic piece of the story’s foundation needs to change and I’m dreading going back in and changing the foundation and everything it supports.

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