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Unaffiliated Party

The United States (and, I suspect, many other countries) needs a political party unencumbered by left or right wing fanaticism, unspoiled by corporate greed or entitlement. We need a movement chock full of candidates who are interested in identifying the needs of the citizenry, determining if there is a simple way to meet this need without excessive government intervention, and if it is needed, make laws that make sense. These candidates need to keep their campaigns simple, and commit to single terms in office so they won’t be corrupted by Political Action Committees or SuperPacs, or unions or business interests, or any political motives. They need to be servants of the people, not porn actors or influence peddlers.

When Americans get pissed off about politics, they tend to either form more extremist political groups that few people actually buy into, or tune out completely and complain in social media.


We have a group of people in the United States unencumbered by corporate campaign contributions, unmoved by extreme points of view, who have no desire to get re-elected. They’re called the Middle Class.


3 thoughts on “Unaffiliated Party

  1. I completely agree with you. The problem is that what you’re suggesting is a party that represents the vast middle. I’m not sure such a party has ever existed and if it has, it didn’t last for very long in that form.

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