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Author Services

Professional Manuscript Consulting for Self Published Authors

I offer two levels of service:  Basic Content Editing and Comprehensive Editing.

Basic Content Editing:

I will read your manuscript thoroughly and send you a one or two page critical report, much like a book review, categorized by Plot, Characters, Dialogue, Setting, Narrative Voice, and Syntax. I will tell you my overall impression, what I think works well and what does not. For Basic Content Editing I will not perform a line by line criticism or edit.

Comprehensive Editing:

I will read through the manuscript thoroughly, making note of specific sections that require correction in the areas of Plausibility, Continuity, Grammar, Formatting, Story Development, Fact Checking, and Other Errors. I will also provide the feedback from the Basic Content Editing. I do not guarantee that I will catch every mistake, but I will note every one I do catch.

My Qualifications:

My Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Northwest Nazarene College (now University) was completed and obtained in 1991. I have reported and copy edited for The Idaho Press-Tribune.  I wrote and edited ISO 9000 process documents and the user manual for the electronics repair database for Credence Systems, Inc. I have written and self published two novels, Virtual Silence and Fugue in C Minor.


Basic Content Editing: $0.005 per word.

Comprehensive Editing: $0.015 per word.

I do not evaluate manuscripts over 150,000 words.

My prices are in US dollars. I accept Paypal payments only. If you do not have a Paypal account, they are free to set up.

My services are for fiction only.

Before you contact me, make sure your manuscript is in Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010. Check all the red, green or blue marks MS Word provides in your text, as many of these may be errors.

You can email me about your manuscript at steppenwolfedww@hotmail.com.


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