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The Latest Gossip

It’s still Sunday here, so I’m entitled to post a sermon.

I was getting a haircut today at this cheap place I like. Getting my youngest son’s cut, too. The boss, a nice lady from Thailand who doesn’t say much, was cutting my hair. “You like?” That’s all she really needs to say to me, anyway.

But in the next chair was a lady getting her hair done, not just a cut, see. She and the stylist were talking about some guy they both knew, and then a former boss, and then a whole bunch of other people, and they were berating them all like they were criminals. In fact, one or two of them might have been criminals at one time. Anyway, they were investing so much energy in talking badly about all of these people and I just wanted to say, “Enough!”

It’s so easy to say something negative about other people. We all have foibles. We’ve all made mistakes. Some people make lots of them. But to spend all your waking hours saying nasty things about other people just makes you look like a nasty person.

“Some weather we’re having, eh?” the boss asked me. “I love this kind of weather,” I said. “It’s a beautiful day.” Even though it was cloudy and windy.

The other two ladies kept gossiping. Nothing was good. Nothing was right. Everyone was an idiot. Everyone was trash. All that energy wasted.

So have a nice day. No, really. Have a great day!


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